ESOP Activities

Do you have an ESOP or KSOP? Would you like to have one? Do you need to get rid of one? Forming, maintaining and eliminating an ESOP requires a stock valuation that considers the unique attributes of the ESOP vehicle.

An ESOP appraisal is required to be performed, (1) when the ESOP makes an acquisition of employer securities, (2) at least annually thereafter, (3) whenever there is a transaction between the plan and a party in interest, and (4) if the ESOP sells out of its stock position.

The Department of Labor’s adequate consideration regulations require that an independent party conduct all ESOP appraisals. National Capital and its valuation professionals meet all of the DOL’s qualifications and have extensive experience in financial institution ESOP valuations. We would be glad to visit with you to explore how we can be of service. Click to learn more about ESOP Services.