Monthly Management & Board Financial Reporting

Using a combination of planning tools, reporting systems and educational resources, APC can deliver a high-value, low cost solution that provides clear, concise management financial reports suitable for board presentation. Included in our package of reports are:

  • Analysis of actual balance sheet and income statement information against the bank’s operating plan
  • Analysis of rates and yields against historical levels and our composite bank’s rates and yields, with graphical presentations of key measures over time (loan yield, loan / asset ratio, earning asset yield, cost of funds, net interest margin)
  • Calculation of earnings at risk from interest rate shocks of +/- 400 basis points over a one- and two-year horizon
  • Liquidity and funds management ratios with comparisons to UBPR peer data and historical levels
  • Detailed non-interest income and expense analysis
  • Detailed balance sheet repricing schedules useful in projecting cash flows and net interest margin changes and planning product pricing changes